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HIWPP Open Data Initiative


As of February 8, 2016, the HIWPP Open Data Initiative has formally concluded. However, as long as resources are available, HIWPP real-time research data will continue to be available to the public

If you are interested in access to HIWPP data, please read the description below, then follow the instructions for access.

If you would like to stay informed about future developments related to HIWPP data, please send an email to hiwpp-support@noaa.gov asking to be added the the HIWPP Open Data mailing list.


The HIWPP Open Data Initiative goals are to improve the US’s medium-range global weather forecasts. An important part of this process is to engage with the public, private and academic sectors in the development of new and improved global modeling systems, some experimental.

For some time, the weather enterprise has sought to better engage in the development of weather models. For a good and particularly relevant example of this kind of ongoing effort, see the AMS Forecast Improvement Group’s (FIG) Summary of Recommendations (especially relevant for HIWPP are recommendations 1, 2, 4, and 7). To this end, beginning in January of 2015 and lasting for at least 1 year, HIWPP will provide access to the experimental global model output from HIWPP.


The intent of our HIWPP Open Data Initiative first is to provide a mechanism for interaction between public, private, and academic sectors with our project as we develop and explore models that are relatively mature in their developmental life cycle. This provides a benefit to the weather community by giving timely access to high quality, experimental model output, at higher spatial and temporal resolution, and to new tools to analyze, evaluate and visualize these data.

Second, the community can help us to improve these models. As informed users of model data, this user community can greatly expand the application of these data over a wider array of high-impact weather phenomena and a broader range of the globe, leading to a more robust and effective product development cycle. Feedback on the model forecasts, the post-processed data, and the data delivery and visualization tools will be used to improve models and products.

HIWPP is an experimental project and  has a finite lifetime. Results from HIWPP will be considered as part of the routine rigorous evaluation process NOAA employs to evaluate changes to the operational production suite.

Below, we identify some basic terms and conditions for you to consider before using these data, and we ask you to acknowledge these terms and provide us with an email address. We will then contact you within 5 business days to provide you with instructions on how to gain access to the data and how to provide feedback. At that time you will also be added to the "Participants Page," and you become a HIWPP Data User. As you look at and use these data and tools, we request that you engage constructively with the HIWPP team and provide feedback. Several avenues will be provided to engage, including a web-based submission process, periodic teleconference virtual meetings, and a workshop.

Initial Timeline

  • January 2015 – beta testing of real-time distribution infrastructure
  • By January 2015 – open access to available HIWPP data feeds and NEIS
  • February – March 2015 – first virtual meeting of HIWPP data users
  • June 2015 – HIWPP Open Data Workshop
  • February 2016 – HIWPP Open Data Initiative concluded

Data Use

First and foremost, these are not the official products and forecasts of NOAA – those products and services are issued by the National Weather Service, and can be found at:

These model outputs and forecasts are EXPERIMENTAL:

  • They are provided without warranty of any kind and you use them at your own risk
  • The data and data streams are subject to change at any time
  • While the data will likely be stored long-term for R&D, in most cases, the real-time data streams are expected to terminate at the conclusion of this project
  • Data availability for HIWPP will not be as maintained at as high a level as that for NWS operational models. Some outages will likely occur due to research computer outages, planned maintenance downtimes, or other reasons.

Please note that available bandwidth for the distribution of real-time data is a shared resource, and performance for individual users cannot be guaranteed. We ask that all users only download data that they will be actively reviewing.

Finally, we ask that you credit the source of data in your usage.

More Information

Although the Open Data Initiative is closed, some HIWPP data remains available through this link: https://hiwpp.noaa.gov/thredds/catalog.html