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NMME Expansion

Task Lead(s):  Jin Huang (NCEP Climate Test Bed)


The goal of the NMME (National Multi-Model Ensemble) expansion task is to evaluate and establish the prediction capabilities of high-impact weather extremes out to several months by leveraging and enhancing the existing NMME system and data. 

The NMME is aimed at developing a prediction system consisting of various US climate models to improve operational forecast skill on intraseasonal to interannual (ISI) time scales and to provide real-time forecasts and research data to the research and user communities. The marriage between the research and operational communities is a unique focal point of the project, and is proving to be a key driver of new understanding of ISI predictability and forecast skill.  The NMME project is currently funded by NOAA, DOE, NASA and NSF.  The daily and monthly NMME reforecast data will be archived at NCAR and available to the public.