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Hydrostatic Global Models

Workgroup Lead: Stan Benjamin, ESRL/GSD
Collaborating Groups: CIRA, CIRES, ESRL, NCEP, NRL

Introduction & Overview

The goal of the HIWPP Hydrostatic Global Model Subproject (3.1) is to establish an advanced hydrostatic global model benchmark by which to calibrate performance of the upcoming global non-hydrostatic models developed and tested under section 3.2.  A related goal of section 3.1 is to improve hydrostatic-scale medium-range forecast capability via acceleration of development of advanced global models and global ensemble configurations.  This will be accomplished, in part, by improvement to components of global models, physical parameterizations and data assimilation.   This last area will also be generally transferable to non-hydrostatic global models.  All of these goals for hydrostatic global model development in section 3.1 will benefit a larger HIWPP goal:  to determine a non-hydrostatic global model that will be the focus of concerted development as a risk-reduction alternative to the non-hydrostatic GFS global spectral model and NMMB under development by NCEP/EMC.