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Improving Forecasts with HIWPP

*HIWPP Project completed in September 2017


The Open Data Initiative has concluded, but HIWPP research data is still available.

"The goal of HIWPP is to improve time-zero to two-week weather prediction of nature's most dangerous storms such as hurricanes, floods, and blizzards." — Dr. Alexander MacDonald, Director, Earth System Research Laboratory

HIWPP is Working To:

  • Improve current global weather models by increasing resolution to 10-13km
  • Test next-generation global weather models in a real-time running mode
  • Use a nested moving hurricane model that zeroes in on resolution within a global model allowing for more detailed hurricane track and intensity information
  • Evaluate the National Multi-Model for Ensembles' ability to improve forecasts out to months and use cutting-edge visualization technology
  • Partner with the broader weather community to assess research models in real time
Images showing some of the devastation brought on by the historical Colorado flood of September 2013

Above: Hurricane Sandy - Ocean Grove Pier, Colorado Flooding 2013, Blizzard Stops Mail, Tacloban Typhoon Haiyan

Next-Gen HPC

Digital Time Tunnel Image

Key to running global non-hydrostatic models at very high resolutions lies in powerful, affordable computing. As part of HiWPP, NOAA is exploring a new generation of high-performance computing called Massively Parallel Fine Grain (MPFG) to optimize model runs. Read more about the HIWPP HPC activities...


Open Data Initiative

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Engaging with members of the weather and research community is an integral part of the project. Learn more.

Project Collaborators

NOAA is working with a wide community of weather researchers and innovators. Read more in the "About Us" section.

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